How to choose the right lipstick to look like a fashion diva

Whether it is a Saturday party night or a casual day out with friends, your look cannot be complete without applying lipstick. The best lipstick does not only enhance your appearance but also boost your confidence. A pigmented lipstick in a vibrant shade can make you feel great about yourself whereas a red lip color can make you look sensuous. There are various shades available in the market. All shades do not complement a single skin tone.

When you are choosing a lip color, you need to keep a few things on the mind such as your complexion and the occasion. Here is a style guide that will help you buy the best lipstick:

1. Texture

You can find lipsticks in various textures. You can choose a subtle, neutral gloss when you are going out in the day. You can choose mattes and satins for an evening look. The following tips will help you in finding the perfect texture:

• Satin or gloss: Glossy lipsticks make your lips look luscious by adding volume and shine. They can conceal all the wrinkles and lines on your lips. They are ideal for a party or a special occasion.

• Matte: They are the most popular and best lipsticks available in the market.They are long-lasting and do not add shine to the lips. If you have dry lips, you should avoid them or hydrate your lips before applying it.

• Cream: Cream lipsticks are ideal for regular wear. They provide the greatest hydration. They are available in nude tones.

2. Skin Tone

If you want to buy the best lipstick that will make you look stunning, you need to first find out your skin tone. When you have identified your skin tone, you can select the shade that will suit you the most. If you choose the lips color that doesn’t complement your skin tone, you will look out of place.

• Fair Skin Tone: If you are fair, you have a wide variety of choices. Both neutral and dark shades will look on you. You can choose peach, pink and red for daytime. You can opt for berry shades when you are going out in the evening. Bright and bold shades will make you look gorgeous.

• Olive Skin Tone: An olive complexion is neither too fair nor too dark. If you have this skin tone, you can opt for lighter and darker shades of pink. You can also opt for orange and red. Dark shades like brown and maroon will also work well. You should avoid pale and neutral shades as your lips will look dull and colorless.

• Dark Skin Tone: If you have a dark skin tone, you should avoid neutral and dark shades as your lips will look pale. Opt for deep berries and rich browns to look like a glam diva. Dark tones with mauves and corals will make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Check the lip color before buying it

It is important to check the shade of lipstick before buying it. You can rub it on your wrist to be sure of the shade. You cannot completely understand the shade unless you see it against your skin. Many stores keep tester tubes for this purpose. A proper trial is necessary for buying the best lipstick.

4. Choose the right brand

It is important to choose the right brand when you are buying a lipstick. Whether you are choosing a national or international brand, you can get a variety of shades. The best lipsticks come with great packaging. They are stiff and slick but not crumbly and greasy. They make your lips feel comfortable and give you a stunning look.

5. Expiry Date

You must look at the expiry date of a lip color before buying it. Most lipsticks have a shelf life of one to three years. If you use expired lip colors, you will cause damage to your lips. Moreover, you won’t get the desired result in terms of texture and color.

This style guide will help you in buying the best lipstick that will make you look like a fashion diva. There is no harm in experimenting with various lip colors. Keep your skin tone in mind to choose a lipstick that will enhance your look.

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