Fashion bags for making a style statement wherever you go

Bags are one of the favorite accessories of women as they can enhance the style quotient. There are various types of women’s handbags that you can find in the market. A woman must have a few fashion bags in her wardrobe so that she can carry them with different outfits.

You can carry the various types of women’s handbags with outfits of your choice. You need to know how to style your outfit with a purse to look like a fashion diva. Let’s take a look at the most popular fashion bags for women:

1. Satchel

Every working woman must have an elegant satchel in her wardrobe that is appropriate for carrying to the office. Satchel is one of the popular fashion bags for modern women who love to make a style statement even when they are dressing up for office. It has a long strap. You can carry it on your shoulder. Choose a satchel that has a cross-body strap and a top handle. Opt for neutral colors such as black, brown, navy, or grey. As it spacious, you can carry your files, notebooks, pens, mobile phone, and wallet in it.

2. Tote

A tote is one of the most popular women’s handbags because of its versatility. You can find tote bags in various colors, prints, and designs. It is a large bag which you can carry on your shoulder. Whether you are going out for shopping or an overnight trip with your friends, you can carry this oversized bag. You can choose a tote in classic colors with minimal embellishment for a polished look. You can also opt for vibrant colors and prints. Although you can find totes made of various materials, choose one that is made of suede or structured leather.

3. Statement clutch

A statement clutch, also known as the evening clutch is one of the most attractive fashion bags for women. It is a flat and slim bag that does not have any handles or straps. The statement clutch is available in various colors and designs. It can enhance your style statement and make you look like a fashion diva. You can carry it with your little black dress when you are going out on a date. You can also carry it with a fashionable top and slim-fit jeans for a stylish look. Invest in an attractive statement clutch so that you can carry it with your favorite outfits.

4. Cross-body

A cross-body bag is ideal for weekends when you are strolling around the city with your friends. You can find this bag in various shapes such as round, crescent and rectangular. The best thing about the cross-body bag is that your hands will be completely free. You will look chic and smart when you team your outfit with a cross-body bag.

5. An evening sling bag

An evening sling bag is one of the most popular fashion bags for women as it can be your substitute for jewelry. You must have a classy evening bag in your wardrobe. Choose one in black or metallic colors. You can carry it with an evening gown when you are going to a party.

6. Hobo

If you are looking for women’s handbags for regular use, you should buy a hobo. As it is spacious, you can carry all your essentials in it when you are traveling. This shoulder bag is available in various designs and colors.

7. Day clutch

The day clutch is not as attractive as the statement clutch but can be a great accessory for your regular wear. It is feminine, fashion-forward and perfect for casual events. It finds its place among the popular fashion bags for women. Opt for classy colors such as black, white, red, and blue.

8. Beach bag

The beach bag is one of the popular women’s handbags. You can carry your beachwear, flip flops, sunscreen, and sunglasses in it. They are designed for your beach vacation so that sand does not stick to your bag. They look pretty and are available in beautiful colors. You can carry it with a floral beach dress to look gorgeous.
These are the most popular fashion bags for women. If you want to look fashionable throughout the year, you must have these women’s handbags in your wardrobe.

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