Stress Management – Little Tricks To Keep Your Mind Clean

Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Stress

The roots of stress arising from the instances occurring in your life. It is some kind of unexpected variation which is happening to your mind, body or intellect. You can not feel it suddenly but slowly and gradually it develops in your mind and then affects to your body.

The Symptoms of Stress are

It creates uneasiness in yourself. You constantly feel loaded either physically, mentally or emotionally.start getting irritated by small things. You start getting angry on everybody without any reason.feel depressed all the time.

Your negative thoughts and emotions create stress in your brain. The causes of stress are Tension, anxiety, worry, unbalanced lifestyle, work pressure, anger expectations, work life balance etc.

Something which you have thought of is not happening on your way at the expected time creates stress to your mind. Likewise, each such instances together creates strain to your brain and you feel stressed. And to handle this stage is known as stress management.

How to handle stress?

Few tips to lessen your stress level:

1. Breathe Properly

When you feel stressed, close your eyes for two to three minutes and start deep breathing. It gives temporary relaxation to your body and intellect. And you feel energised. Breathing has the deep connection with your living. Through proper breathing techniques, you can reduce your stress and tension very easily. If you practice it when you feel stressed, you will start feeling fresh within few minutes.

2. What Interests you?

List down few things which you love to do most. Prioritize it by your passion about each one of them. Start doing it on daily basis and you will see the magic in yourself. Read books, listen to slow music, dance like hell, swim, play football, Go to the party, Go for tacking, Go for long drives, Talk with your friends etc. Choose one and go on.

3. Shout Loud

When you feel stressed, no matter whenever you are, start shouting like anything. Go to the terrace or to any open space and start shouting for a while. Then sit for two minutes and you will be fully exhausted. You will feel silence outside and you will feel calm from inside.

4. Daily Yoga

Do Pranayama and yoga on daily basis. Make it your routine at the same time and same place. Do not change the time and place for doing yoga and Pranayama. Do Surya Namskars every day which exhales stress from your body. You will see the charm on your face after few weeks. It gives you the confidence to live your life.

5. Balancing Life Style

Manage your work and personal life properly. Give time to your family, friends. Be with them on each occasion. Spend time with kids. Work hard and party hard. That’s the rule. Do your office work in office only. Switch off once you leave work.Your family is everything to you. They deserve your time. Balance your personal and professional work in a proper manner.

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